Hypnosis is a powerful, highly effective way to transform limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors into empowering ones. It increases motivation to reach your goals through enhancing your mind-body connection.  In an alpha state of deep relaxation, your intuition is more accessible; you gain tremendous insight into your personal life. Through the subconscious mind's language of emotions and images, we effectively communicate to make positive changes in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.  Letting imagery, active imagination, the power of suggestion, and your innate wisdom transform you!
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You may have seen Ellen Degeneres on live TV, getting hypnotized into quitting smoking for good.  Matt  Damon appeared on Jay Leno and talked about using a hypnotist for quitting the habit after smoking for 16 years. He said it worked and it was the greatest decision of his life. Kevin Cosner used hypnotherapy to stop sea sickness.  The list is endless... Hollywood has taken advantage of hypnotherapy or hypnosis for a diverse range of problems/ issues for over 50 years.

Can this hypnotist break through to the subconscious of two viewers to help them change the bad habits that are driving their spouses crazy?  Discover for yourself on the Rachael Ray Show Hypnotize My Spouse!

Many counselors, social workers, doctors, dentists, nurses, massage therapists, and chiropractors are now using hypnotherapy to achieve faster results.  Recently, a famous hypnotist form England, conducted his weight loss program to a live TV audience in the US over the course of 5 weeks with amazing results!  Thousands of participants beamed with enthusiasm, motivation, and renewed hopes as their pounds fell away.  These same effective life changing methods are available to you now! 
Hypnotherapy and Energy Therapies
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Make a Quantum Leap With Your Health and Life in 2016!
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CLASSES and GROUP SESSIONS AVAILABLE: Emotional Freedom Tapping & Energy Therapies for Insomnia, Pain, Health Dis-ease, Weight Loss, Clearing Core Beliefs and Revealing the Heart of You and MORE..., Self-Hypnosis, Group Hypnosis with a Specific Purpose or Theme,  Stress Release,  and Holistic Self-Care.  Call or email me if you would like to form a class with friends, co-workers, or family.

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"Laurel, I feel so blessed to have met you!  I've never ever had someone ask me the kinds of questions that you do, listen so carefully, and reflect them back through the lens of the kind of spirit-body-voice wisdom that you have gathered around yourself.  I had so much fear and thought the addiction would be too strong to stop.  I'm amazed how the hypnotherapy process made it so easy. I've forgotten about cigarettes.  It hardly ever crosses my mind. It's so good to be a permanent nonsmoker! I'm thrilled, positively elated!"   ~ Lyn
WELCOME ~ Another New Year, Another Opportunity
to start fresh! Your key to success this time? Your mind, heart and energy are the vital connections for creating an extraordinary life of health, abundance, and happiness. Clarify your Vision for 2016. Awaken to your full potential. Empower yourself to thrive in any economy!

At the Heart and Mind of it ~ Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy, Transformational Coaching. Energy Therapies: Emotional Freedom Techniques, Transformational Healing Method. Energy Kinesiology and Muscle Testing. NLP. (Neurolinguistic Programming) A myriad of powerful techniques that create lasting changes.

  • Shift limiting beliefs. Create a fresh attitude & way of being.
  • Create a powerful blueprint for desired goals.

  • Your Vision and step by step...Visualize and feel the breakthrough happening! Plug into the abundance of the universe.
  • Fit into your favorite clothes!  Lose that extra weight.  Keep it off!  Choose the body you want for the life you want.
  • Successfully quit smoking.  Yes you can! Confident and breathing easy up those stairs. Feeling better than ever!
  • Freedom from fears including performance, panic attacks, heights, water, and enclosed spaces.  Feel calm and in charge.
  • Imagine relief from stress and anxiety,  headaches, backaches and  pain.  Easily learn to deeply relax and accelerate self-healing for medical conditions and illness.
  • Release and transform emotional pain, past and present. Awaken a deeper spiritual  understanding of who you really are. You get to be that magnificence and live it!

The good news is that you have everything you need within
to be successful starting now.  Your greatest resource is you! 
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