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About Laurel ~ as a Clinical and Transformational Hypnotherapist, I am here to be a partner in your success, a companion to the emotional uplift and a support to the ongoing profound personal growth that will come from our work together. The conscious and subconscious mind, higher consciousness, and energy system are extraordinary powers within you to transform many of life's obstacles and manifest your deepest desires.  You will be amazed in discovering your own innate great pearls of wisdom and how they become stepping stones utilized in the unfolding journey towards  solutions, healing, life purpose, dreams, and true happiness.

My extensive background in the healing arts and health field of over 25 years provides a solid foundation of effective practical and intuitive skills, with an abundance of heart and compassion!  I have been in practice as a Hypnotherapist since 1996 with certifications from Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts, Clinical Hypnotherapy - Success Trak Professional Training Institute, and Medical Hypnotherapy - The Center for Hypnotherapy. I am also a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy. Certification in the Transformational Healing Method developed by  Marilyn Gordon, an internationally acclaimed author and teacher, combines Energy Therapies, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Hypnosis.  Certificates of Completion in Progressive Emotional Release and Matrix Reimprinting with EFT Master Teachers Lindsay Kenny and Karin Davidson are powerful adjuncts to my work.                        .
As a Massage Therapist and Hypnotherapist, I worked full time in busy health centers for 18 years. At A Sante Health Center
I served on the management team  and eventually established  Aloha Healing Center in Los Gatos with several other health professionals.  Highly successful, the holistic health center provided Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, NST/Bowen, Massage, Reiki, Essential Oil Therapy, Energy Kinesiology, Body Sculpting/Weight Management, and Hypnotherapy services.  In private sessions and in teaching classes, my passion is to educate and promote an awareness of living in conscious partnership with our body's energy systems and in understanding how our thoughts and emotions powerfully influence our health and balance.  
"Laurel is committed to her clients well being in body, mind, and spirit.  Her knowledge base seems endless.  It spans the spectrum from practical and physical to complex energy systems and emotional influences.  Reaching into her vast experience, she's able to find a solution to what's going on with her clients." 
       ~Monique Martineau, Life Coach~
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