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Heal Yourself With Medical Hypnosis

Andrew Weil is an internationally recognized physician and expert on mind-body interactions, nutrition, and author of nine holistic health books including 8 Weeks to Optimum Health.

Medical Hypnosis is one of the most useful and efficient therapeutic techniques for taking advantage of the mind-body connection.  I refer patients to it frequently and see clinical success with it. There are a number of ways that events in the realm of mind can be conveyed to the body and produce actual changes.  One of the ways is in the autonomic nervous system.  The imbalances of that system are the root causes of many common medical conditions including high blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorders, and many circulatory disorders.  The conventional treatment for autonomic imbalances is suppressive medication that's toxic and doesn't get to the root of the problem.  Many of these disorders are rooted in stress because stress works some of it's destructive effects by producing changes in the autonomic nervous system, particularly changes in the parasympathetic nervous system mediating fight or flight responses.  Any technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety is highly beneficial.  

Beyond effecting the autonomic function is the growing field of psychoneural endocrinology.  Research points to the fact that the mind, immune and endocrine system are linked by a  constant web of neurochemical conversation.  Immune cells have receptors on their surfaces for neurotransmitters produced in the  brain.  Immune cells themselves produce neurotransmitters.  There is a constant back and forth molecular exchange which activities of the mind are conveyed to the body and vice versa.  This is a solidly researched area of medicine providing evidence of the mind-body connection.   

Hypnosis for Health by Andrew Weil

Three weeks before my daughter's birth, I asked hypnotherapist Steve Gurgevich, PhD, a friend and colleague, to do a session with my then wife Sabine. The baby was in a posterior position (her spine against Sabine's spine) at the time, which can cause long, painful labor. Steve did an hour long session, encouraging Sabine to talk with the baby, asking her to turn around before beginning of labor and help make the labor quick. When the session ended, Sabine was very relaxed. Not much later, Sabine suddenly clutched her belly and bent over. " I think the baby's turning", she said. Later that day, our midwife examined Sabine and reported the baby was now in an anterior position (her spine against Sabine's belly), having turned within 20 minutes of being asked to do so. The baby came right on her due date, and labor lasted a mere two hours and six minutes.

Hypnotherapy in which practitioners encourage patients to enter a trance, a state of heightened suggestibility, to promote physical or emotional health doesn't always have such dramatic or immediate effects. Yet, I've seen this mind-body approach produce excellent results in many illnesses, from eczema and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to back pain and panic attacks. While you're in a state of trance, the practitioner offers suggestions tailored to your specific needs. For example, he may suggest that a person with IBS picture the wavelike motions of their digestive system slowing down and becoming smoother to reduce cramping and diarrhea. Your unconscious mind can then transmit these thoughts and images throughout your mind and body, influencing then in ways that seem impossible in ordinary states of consciousness.

Hypnotherapy is increasingly being used in mainstream medicine, thanks to mounting evidence that it works, as well as research showing how the human brain responds to hypnosis. Researchers in Virginia Polytechnic Institute found that during a hypnotic state aimed at pain control, the brain's prefrontal cortex (which controls concentration) directed other areas of the brain to inhibit the perception of pain.
Once positive suggestions become the stronger belief, the Subconscious mind goes to work at warp speed to make the changes happen.
The fantastic power of the subconscious mind influences nearly every aspect of human behavior.  It can cause sickness, fear, guilt, and needless anxiety.  Yet, properly harnessed through hypnosis, the same power, deep within each of us, can bring about profound changes for the better and can open new doors to health and happiness.

Leslie M. LeCron, Clinical Psychologist
A Miraculous Story

I have listened to many people report rapid and dramatic changes in their lives, but for me, the most impressive case was my own. About a year ago I awoke one morning and found myself partially paralyzed. I had suffered a severe stroke during the night and was unable to speak or make myself understood except by scribbling. The doctors ran a series of tests and informed my wife I could expect a partial recovery in about six months.

It was then I applied principles of subconscious programming through self-hypnosis! I set my goal of complete communication with others for one week and hypnotized myself right there in the emergency room of the hospital. In 3 days I was discharged from the hospital with my doctor reporting 90% recovery. The right side of my face, which had sagged noticeably, was completely normal, and I was able to write with ease! I recovered completely within a week and presently I am in the best of health.                

Charles Tebbetts,  Hypnosis Author
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