Hypnosis Revealed!

WHAT'S IT LIKE?   A simple definition of hypnosis is that it is a pleasant state of mental and physical relaxation characterized by increased alertness, enhanced awareness, heigthened suggestibility and pinpoint concentration.  It enables us to capture, harness, and utilize the unlimited potential of the subconcious mind to work in cooperation with conscious desires.  Think of our subconscious mind as the home of our emotions, imagination, and the memory bank for all our information, experiences, habits, addictions, cultural beliefs, and our beliefs about ourselves.  In other words, the subconscious mind hears and stores everything said, imagined, or thought whether the ideas are positive or negative!

By using the language of the subconscious mind, emotions and images, we can effectively communicate information in order to make positive changes in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.  This is done through relaxation techniques, imagery, active imagination, and the power of suggestion.  While in a deeply relaxed state your memories are much clearer and more easily accessible.  Sometimes releasing old memories and the original cause of negative beliefs can be powerful enough to resolve or heal current life issues or problems! 
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The real power is the mind of the person being hypnotized!
The Hypnotherapist is a guide,  facilitating the hypnotic process.
WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW.  Actually, you are already familiar with hypnosis although you may not realize it.  Often when we become engrossed in reading a book, listening to music, watching TV or a movie or listening to a good speaker, we are in a natural hypnotic trance state.  Can you think of other activities that you become so absorbed in that you are oblivious to everything else for a period of time?

We all go through altered states of consciousness or brain wave levels, at least twice each day upon awakening in the  morning and crossing over  to sleep at night.  This is the Alpha or relaxation state that is associated with imaginative thinking and corresponds to light to medium levels of hypnosis.  The brain is producing fewer of the high frequency wavelengths generated in our normal alert state of mind and more of the lower frequency waves that are created during deep relaxation.  Beta is our normal daytime consciousness and is the mind of reason, logic, and analysis. Theta is the early stages of sleep and corresponds to medium to deep levels of hypnosis. Theta is normally the dream state we pass through on the way to and from Delta or deep sleep.  

For most people hypnosis is mid-alpha range of activity and although you are definitely in hypnosis, you remain fully conscious of everything going on.  Everyone can be hypnotized to one degree to another.  Hypnosis is a perfectly safe programming technique that can benefit anyone!

SOME HISTORY.   Although the British Medical Association approved hypnosis as a therapeutic modality in 1955 and the American Medical Association in 1958, hypnosis traces it's roots back some 5,000 years to the healing temples of Ancient Egypt and Greece.  Patients were talked to in a trance state and given curative suggestions that produced miraculous results.  In the 1800's, John Elliotson, a Professor of Surgery at the University in London and inventor of the stethoscope, performed 1,834 painless surgical operations using hypnosis.  Amazing!  Sigmund Freud used it to explore the unconscious mind of the mentally ill and from his studies developed the theory of psychoanalysis.   And during World War ll hypnosis was found to be effective in the treatment of "shell shock" or battle neurosis.

It is with the proliferation of the self-help therapies of the past several decades that hypnosis has gained in popularity and use.  It is now clearly accepted as the most permanent method of behavioral and habit modification known to humanity.  Because of its unique ability to influence physiological functions, it clearly has the advantage over other  mind / body techniques.


Why is EFT called a universal healing aid?  Imagine... going from having life limiting allergies to being able to eat anything.  Or being able to walk again when your life was destined to stay in a wheelchair.  Or diseases and conditons like multiple schlerosis and diabetes becoming nonexistent in the body.  Why are professionals like doctors, life coaches, and  nutritionists saying that EFT cures the incurable all the time or it often gets results when nothing else will?  EFT and technique variations have been used on everything from chronic fatique, back pain, and migraines to post traumatic stress disorder and fear of water.  EFT is easy to learn and is an effective healing tool to use in your daily life instead of reaching for that aspirin or ibuprofen!  

How does it work?  Subtle energy flows throughout the body along channels called meridians.  When there are disruptions in those energy flows health can be compromised.  Tapping acupressure points on the meridians releases the blockages and creates balance. The most profound influences on our energy system are thoughts and emotions.  Thoughts are constantly creating patterns of electrical energy, releasing hormones, 
"Tapping on the energy system while being tuned to an emotional problem is an extraordinary healing technique that is deserving of the Nobel Prize.  It's impact on the healing sciences is bound to be enormous."           
Gary Craig
neurotransmitters, and other chemicals in the body.  Remember that time you felt anger and it's immediate effects? The blood pressure raises, the stomach tightens, the heart beats faster, breathing becomes shallower, the whole body tenses up, etc.  Unfortunately, if we carry around unresolved emotions or stress over a long time it can show up as physical problems.  Experiments were done using Live Blood Cell Analysis and EFT.  That's where a drop a blood is taken from the client and looked at under a microscope.  If a person is sick or imbalanced, red blood cells clump and stick together and are misshapen. After 5 minutes of EFT, blood was drawn again and there was no sign of clumping!  Remarkably, the blood was healthy, cells more uniform, and it looked like a clean flowing river!  Usually this kind of improvement is seen after months of a cleaner, healthier diet and specific natural supplementation.