Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for direct experience. Experiences to engage the intrinsic fabric of our inner wisdom, illuminating who we truly are. We are infinitely greater than anything we think we currently are. Remember those intimate moments of awe, of deep reverance while gazing at a glorious, mesmerizing crimson sunset? These peak experiences bring us a little closer to understanding the potential of our core being. The hypnotic state, the alpha - theta brainwave state of profound relaxation serves as a doorway into this presence, this inner knowing and deep peace. Joy and lightness of being emanates from this inner dimension, informing the sea of energy, awareness, and movement of our daily lives. A powerful antidote for the common root cause fueling diverse issues. The belief, "I am not enough."

The imprint of our personal history repeats itself over and over through our thoughts, our story and the intensity of our emotions. Patterns "show up" through our coping strategies, tenacious habits, and health imbalances. Through the proven methods of Hypnotherapy and interactive trancework, we have a flashlight. Old patterns become shadows that disappear when we shine light upon them. We give the mind, body, and emotions a new diet, something better! A vibrant self-image, empowering beliefs and deep nourishment. We are then inspired and motivated to act for the enrichment, health and well-being of ourselves, others, and the global community.

The Emotional Freedom Technique &  Energy Therapies.
Imagine having a long standing fear or a strong negative emotion and within 15 minutes it's gone! Or discover a headache, sadness ...craving for a cigarette has cleared and a feeling of peace has taken its place. Thoughts are constantly creating patterns of electrical energy that result in emotional experiences through the release of hormones, neurotransmitters and other chemicals in the body. Disruptions in the body's  electrical flow and life force cause distress, eventually leading to a decline in health. The tapping process of EFT neutralizes these disruptions and stops the chemical chain reaction, freeing you from emotional and physical discomfort. Remarkably easy to learn, you can use this self-help modality on all the challenges of day to day life.

Your subconscious mind, higher consciousness, and energy system are extraordinary powers within for healing and creating a new dynamic blueprint of choices, behaviors, and abundant manifestation. It is deeply gratifying to witness a client reap the benefits of quitting a smoking habit of 50 years. Especially after many unsuccessful attempts.  Helping a client be able to sleep again and find inner peace in the midst of tremendous emotional and personal life upheaval. The miracle of an illness, a longstanding medical condition healed. All things are truly possible! See for yourself. Hypnotherapy and the Emotional Freedom Tapping Techniques work! I look forward to meeting you.
About Laurel ~ With 25 years in the healing arts and holistic health fields, Laurel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience across many disciplines to her private practice, groupwork, and seminars. Her background includes establishing and managing holistic health centers in Los Gatos and working as a massage therapist for 18 years. A Certified  Hypnotherapist since 1996, Laurel has a dynamic compassionate approach founded in effective intuitive skills and proven methodologies. She is also certified in Transformational Coaching, Medical Hypnosis, and Transformational Healing Method (THM) using EFT and other groundbreaking techniques. Laurel holds Certificates of Completion in Progressive Emotional Release, Matrix Reimprinting with EFT and Essential Oil Therapy. Scroll down for workhops live in Santa Cruz!
"Your Vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes."   ~ Carl Jung
Laurel Ricci
Extraordinary Solutions Within
Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
My Specialties include
Successfully Quit Smoking
Lose Extra Weight
Release & Manage Stress
Eliminate Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Fears
Restful Restorative Sleep
Awaken Inner Healer ~ Medical Conditions
Relief of Pain, Health Problems
Regain Health Pre ~ Post Surgery
Tap Your Creative Genius, Success
Enhance Memory,  Learning
Attain Self-Esteem, Confidence
Clarify Life Purpose, Transitions
Confident Public Speaking, Performance      
Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression  
Sessions by phone or skype available.    l    Personalized CDs for gifts.
LaurelRicci@yahoo.com   l   408.859.6465    l   CoreSolutions4Life.com
Free Phone Consult, 408.859.6465
Offices in Los Gatos & Santa Cruz

What is most valuable to you in these challenging times?

Peace of Mind? Boosting health, energy or clarity? Blessed sleep? Attracting love, being open to love? Empowering yourself to thrive in any economy? Get your life powerfully and quickly on track with Hypnosis, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, and Energy Therapies.

Break free from feeling stuck or pain. Transform your habits, addictions and obstacles to living fully. Act on your potential to achieve your goals and heart-connected desires, awakening to your life's purpose. Birth a new loving inner world. A harmonious inner and outer world.
"Laurel, I feel so blessed to have met you! I've never ever had someone ask the kinds of questions that you do, listen so carefully, and reflect them back through the lens of the kind of spirit-body-voice wisdom that you have gathered around yourself. I had so much fear and thought the addiction would be too strong to stop.  I'm amazed how the hypnotherapy process made it so easy. I've forgotten about cigarettes. It hardly ever crosses my mind. It's so good to be a permanent nonsmoker! I'm thrilled, positively elated!"  ~ Lyn
Fast Forward Your Vision...
Your Life in 2016
WHAT IF YOU... could fast forward into the future and imagine yourself with
all the abundance, love, healing or success you have been hoping for...
What would it feel like? Look like?

Spark Your Creative Mind, Align With Your Deep Self.
Tap Away... Outdated Beliefs, Resistance, Fears.

For Workshops Using Emotional Freedom or Meridian Tapping
and other brilliant highly effective ground-breaking techniques

Call Laurel at 408-859-6465.

Personal sessions available for this process: phone, skype, in person.

Make a Quantum Leap
With Your Health and Life in 2016!

EFT Meridian Tapping, Muscle Testing, Energy Medicine

Live Workshops, Sundays 1-4:30pm, In Santa Cruz, CA
Discount of $60 prepay or $70 on the day, Call for dates

  • For Whatever Ails You... Get Your Happy Neurotransmitters Going! (Naturally... like Serotonin, Dopamine, and Oxytocin) Do you feel worried, anxious, stressed   or uncertain about the future? Are you in pain and wanting to feel good? Your experience matters everyday because of all the ways your brain continually learns and changes. Transform and uplift personal and global fears for health, finances, and a rapidly changing world. Recall states of joy, peace, and child-like aliveness and anchor them into the present. Increase feelings of caring and cherishing yourself, others, the earth, and all sacred life.

Talk About Spontaneous Happiness! This Is Going To Be Good!

  • Make Your Love LIfe Soar!   Clear What's in the Way of Loving You, Harmonious Relationships, Significant Other Relationships or Attracting a Soulmate. What    are your limiting beliefs, feelings or fears about Love and what's possible? Are there patterns and conflicts that continue to show up in primary or work relationships? Open up and allow   the heart of you and your true authenticity to shine! Become magnetic for what you truly want in all of your relationships and manifesting a Soulmate.

  • Make a Powerful Breakthrough!  With Your Stress, Fears or Pain... Help your Innate Brilliance know itself again to create joy, balance and radiant health. Did you know that fear docks onto cell receptors made just for fear and if it isn’t released it remains there? With a specialized way of using EFT, Biofeedback and Essential Oils take an energetic shower. Clear negative emotions, the effects of stress and pain from the neuro pathways of the brain right down to your cells & bones!

  • 3 Class Series, $100 prepay or $40 each class
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your  Brain! Using Powerful Technologies & Techniques, EFT, Biofeedback, Essential Oils Hypnosis, Kinesiology, Nutrition…
  • TAKING IN THE GOOD… Create a Whole New Way of Being & Future! We will identify what the brain is doing when the mind is in a really good place, when the    mind is happy, loving, wise. Activating these positive mind states strengthens them every time you use them… Neurons that fire together wire together! This gives the ability from the inside out to rewire your own brain! Shift the emotional internal landscape and the mind-body connection.  Develop a supercharged positive relationship with yourself and health, others and the future!

Here's to a Juicy, Flourishing Life For All of Us!

Changes in Your Energy Precede Changes in Your Body and Life!

Call Laurel @408-859-6465.

"I highly recommend taking Laurel's EFT workshop. Laurel is a true healer. My experience in the workshop was powerful ...moving from tears to feeling joy in a matter of minutes! I had an uncontrollable smile on my face and I wanted to scream 'I Choose' from the top of a mountain! If you are truly looking for a technique that will allow you to quickly release negative emotions then you definitely want to take Laurel's EFT workshop. All of life is about choice. I have created everything in my life and if I am unhappy with it I can change it by choosing something different!" 
                                                                             ~ Kathleen

"To all Health Professionals wanting to empower your clients ...don't miss this remarkable opportunity to learn the Emotional Freedom Techniques with Laurel!"  ~ Jack

These Energy Tools Are Priceless! 
You Will Feel a Differnce in Your Mind and Body!

Some Ongoing Classes in Emotional Freedom Tapping and Energy Therapies

  • EFT for Boosting the Immune System, Pain, Headaches, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Healing After an Injury & other Health Imbalances

  • Become Magnetic for What You Truly Want, EFT for Revealing the Heart of You - Tapping for Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Living Your Authentic Self

  • Energy Medicine & Muscle Testing to Uplift Health & Keep Energies Flowing
2016! Tap Your Brilliant Mind
Turn On! Create a Feel Good Life!

  • Shift Challenges, Beliefs and Behaviors More Rapidly than ever before!
  • Clarify Your Vision. Actualize Goals. Get Your Mojo Going! Naturally.
  • Raise Your Vibrations… And Shine! Attract Abundance Now.
  • Strengthen Your Profound Connection to Source/Presence/Higher Mind.
  • Access Your Potent Inner Guidance System for Insight and Solutions.
  • Discover Your Inner Healer. Decode the Messages that Underlie Illness.
  • Tap the Innate Brain-Body Circuit. Greatly Uplift Your Mind and Body.
  • Access States of Consiousness that Take Your Life to Higher Levels.
  • Experience the Healing and Guiding Power of the Heart. It Generates 60x More Powerfully Electrically and 5000x Magnetically than the Brain!
  • Learn Highly Effective Tools to Use at Home for Everyday Support.
  • Learn Tools to Help Family and Friends like Surrogate Tapping.
  • Consciously and Powerfully Create a Life … Filled with Love, Prosperity, Radiant Health, and Happiness.

Single sessions: One hour - $95, Hour and a half, Recommended - $135

I offer packages to support personalized healing programs
and in actualizing your deepest heart's intent with your
life's calling, relationships, health and true happiness.
Your unique sacred journey is greatly honored.

Package of Four Sessions (60 minutes) - $340
$10 off each session - Savings of $40
Package of Four Sessions (90 minutes) - $480
$15 off each session - Savings of $60
Package of Eight Sessions (90 minutes) - $920
  $20 off, the best support - Savings of $160!

Office in Santa Cruz, CA or By Phone - Skype

I now offer Light Therapy and Brainwave Enhancement Sessions! Effective for Sleep Enhancement, Energy, and Pain Relief!
Call for more information!

May your heart be filled with
happiness and peace
May you be safe and secure
May you be healthy and prosperous
May you live joyfully and with ease
May you awaken to the light of your true nature
May you be free

* * * * * * * * *

May the brilliance of Source and the magnificence of all that we are inform our Consciousness in this and every moment.
I Look Forward to Connecting With You
Love and Blessings, Laurel

Make a Quantum Leap with Your Health and Life in 2016!
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